FlowPaw – Speech Recognition

Here’s something really cool – the SpeakUp Click board for FlowPaw does Speech Recognition! Record spoken phrases into the SpeakUp Click board using the recording software that comes with it. Then plug it into your FlowPaw and talk to it! It then outputs an index (1,2,3,4 etc.) depending on the phrase you say.

We used it here to play music tracks on Spotify using FlowStone :)

Here’s the video:

3 thoughts on “FlowPaw – Speech Recognition

  1. Great work! Seeing that a new Click board has already been supported by the FlowStone makes me even more impatient for the release of the FlowPaw :D

    I really hope I don’t cause any inconvenience with this question, but can you guys tell us when will the FlowPaw get released?
    I know that I can already purchase a license for the FlowStone, and try it out for free, but I want to wait until I have the FlowPaw to come along :D

    Best Regards :D

  2. We support 10 Click bards already and have another 10 coming online shortly!

    We are launching a KickStarter Campaign hopefully next week!

    1. My God! These are fantastic news! :D
      Thank you so much for sharing them Admin! It’s very appreciated :D
      Can I suggest something here?
      Adding a log for indicating the supported Click board would be very helpful in the future. It’s just an idea so that future costumers know which claws they can use on the FlowPaw. :D

      Again, thanks for the great news! :D
      best Regards

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