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FlowPaw @ BETT 2015

We’ve just returned from the BETT education show in London where we were demoing FlowPaw together with our UK distributors Rapid Electronics:

FlowPaw Bett Show 2015

What was interesting this year was the number of people coming on the stand looking for programming tools for the classroom that just worked (having failed going down the Raspberry Pi & Arduino routes). There were quite a few shocked faces when they saw FlowPaw for the first time!

FlowPaw Click Packs are Here!

Great News – The new Click Packs for the FlowPaw Claws arrived today!

FlowPaw Click Packs

The cool thing about our Click Packs it that all of the pins are pre-soldered and ready to use out of the box!

There are two different versions:

Click Pack 1:

IR Thermometer
7 Segment Dispaly
Capacitive Touch

Click Pack 1


Click Pack 2:

Bluetooth Wireless
SpeakUp Voice Recognition
RFID card reader

Click Pack2

These are now in stock and avaliable to order Here

Happy New Year and New Software!

We’ve uploaded some new FlowStone STEM software and FlowPaw firmware.

Go to the bottom of this page to get your software updater: Here

In this new version your FlowPaw now supports more Click boards:

8×8 Led Display
7 Segment Display
Bluetooth wireless
Capacitive Sensor
IR Thermometer
SpeakUp voice Recognition

Also the new Balancing Bot PID function (like a Segway TM)

Buy new Click boards Here