Monthly Archives: September 2014

FlowPaw Pong!

Continuing our game theme we added Pong today, but with a difference. You use the FlowPaw bard as the games controller, by tilting the board using the accelerometer Claw you can control the Pong bat. There is even a two player mode using two FlowPaws..

FlowPaw Pong Game


Pong running in app. mode.

FlowPaw Pong

You also get full access to the FlowStone code running in real-time so you can modify the game, change the graphics etc.

Here’s the video:

FlowPaw Space Invaders!

We are adding lots of example files into the FlowPaw/FlowStone install to get you going straight out of the box, today’s addition is Space Invaders!

FlowPaw Space Invaders

Using the Accelerometer Claw on the FlowPaw board to control your ship left and right (by tilting the board) and use the buttons for fire etc. Also the FlowPaw buzzer plays the game sounds.

As this is in FlowStone the code is accessible so you can change the graphics and tweak the code as much as you like! Or just enjoy playing!

FlowPaw Space Invaders code

Here’s the Video:

New Final Production Boards Arrive!

We just received the first batch of the full production boards this week!

FlowPaw Rev 1.01

These are the Rev 1.01 PCB’s with the slightly modified expansion connector:

FlowPaw Connector

We made these with a 10 way header so it works with standard ribbon cables and also added a 5V & GND header so that you can power the board from an external 5V source or use the 5V for external sensors if necessary.