FlowPaw Finger Synth

Having fun with the FlowPaw & FlowStone today we made a Finger Synth! This is a great way to learn about programming, music, and frequencies.

FlowPaw Hand Synth clip

Here the video of it working:

3 thoughts on “FlowPaw Finger Synth

  1. Another cool example :D

    But what is the Accel Click board doing there?
    It’s not included in the FlowStone program for this example :shock:

    Best Regards

  2. The Accel just so happened to be plugged in – doesn’t mean you have to use it ;)
    Could easily be programmed to control a proper synth inside FlowStone too..

  3. Thanks for clarifying that Admin :D
    The Accel Click is just chillin with his cool friends :wink:
    Besides the FlowPaw looks better while the claws are all connected :D
    Best Regards

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