New Packaging arrives!

Here’s the new packaging for the FlowPaw that arrived today..

FlowPaw Packaging1

The cool thing, that you can’t see on the photo above, is the subtle embossing on the box:

FlowPaw box LR

also on the bottom:

FlowPaw box 2 LR


4 thoughts on “New Packaging arrives!

  1. The packaging looks amazing!

    I have a question about its contents.
    Do you guys intend to provide options on which Click boards come with the board?
    Or are you going to select four standard Click boards and make them the default ones?
    I apologize if this is too early, it’s because I’m so excited about the FlowPaw!

  2. For the initial launch we are standardizing on four click boards:

    IR Proximity
    8×8 LED Display

    After then there will be various kits available with four more clicks & projects and also the individual ones available from this site.

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