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FlowPaw Click Packs are Here!

Great News – The new Click Packs for the FlowPaw Claws arrived today!

FlowPaw Click Packs

The cool thing about our Click Packs it that all of the pins are pre-soldered and ready to use out of the box!

There are two different versions:

Click Pack 1:

IR Thermometer
7 Segment Dispaly
Capacitive Touch

Click Pack 1


Click Pack 2:

Bluetooth Wireless
SpeakUp Voice Recognition
RFID card reader

Click Pack2

These are now in stock and avaliable to order Here

Happy New Year and New Software!

We’ve uploaded some new FlowStone STEM software and FlowPaw firmware.

Go to the bottom of this page to get your software updater: Here

In this new version your FlowPaw now supports more Click boards:

8×8 Led Display
7 Segment Display
Bluetooth wireless
Capacitive Sensor
IR Thermometer
SpeakUp voice Recognition

Also the new Balancing Bot PID function (like a Segway TM)

Buy new Click boards Here


FlowPaw Balancing Robot

We have made a mini balancing robot similar to the famous Segway (TM) using the FlowPaw board and the Accelerometer, Gyro, & Bluetooth click/claws.FPSegway5

FlowPawClaws LR

We used the FlowStone programming language to send the values for the PID maths and display the sensor and PID values on screen.FlowPawSegway4We also made a new DSP module that runs the PID etc. on the FlowPaw hardware, we then just send the PID tuning values from FlowStone to the FlowPaw via the Bluetooth wireless connection.

MotorController2LRHere’s the motor controller and battery underneath..

And a short video:

Kickstarter Success!

Our Kickstarter campaign has now completed and we’re incredibly pleased to say that we got all our funding and some more on top!

It’ll take a week or two for the funding to reach us but as soon as it does we’ll be sending out the very first batch of FlowPaw kits. To say we’re excited is an understatement :-)

To all our amazing backers:


FlowPaw goes wireless with Bluetooth

Interested in the Internet Of Things (IoT) then use a Bluetooth Claw with FlowPaw and go wireless!

Here we have made a rover that can be controlled via FlowStone, in the beginning we use an Xbox controller to drive the rover around, then switch to Autonomous Mode and let the rover drive itself using IR distance sensors to avoid obstacles!

All of the decision making (code) runs on the Laptop so you can literally edit the code as it drives around!

FlowPaw Pan/Tilt Webcam

Here we use the Servo outs on FlowPaw to control a simple Pan/Tilt mechanism for a webcam.

We are using an Xbox controller connected to FlowStone to control the Pan/Tilt and also displaying the webcam inside FlowStone :) From here you could do motion tracking, colour detection, take photos or record video!

FlowPaw at the National STEM centre Pi Jam/Hackathon

FlowPaw was one of the main features at the Raspberry Pi Jam/Hackathon at the National STEM center in York on Saturday. Carl Owen CEO of DSPRobotics did a ‘Big Talk’ on FlowPaw & FlowStone in the main lecture theater as well as demoing FlowPaw connected to FlowStone and the Raspberry Pi in the demo area.

FlowPaw STEM1

It was a very busy day with hundreds of people in attendance and FlowPaw was a big hit with people literally queuing all day to get a closer look!

FlowPaw STEM2

We had the new FlowPaw Bluetooth wireless Rover whizzing around he floor avoiding obstacles controlled from FlowStone, FlowPaw controlling an robot Arm from LynxMotion via Raspberry Pi using a Python Script. A cool Pan-Tilt Webcam controlled via the servo outs with the webcam video displayed in FlowStone, even a software musical synthesizer controlled from the proximity and accelerometer sensors and a DMX disco light!

People were amazed how easy it was to program in FlowStone!